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Bushcraft tuition dorset

Come on a Bushcraft Expedition with Harbour Challenge

Put your bushcraft skills into practice for real on one of our Advanced Bushcraft Courses. Combine the bushcraft experience with  canoeing on an expedition in Poole harbour or exploring the Dorset’s  famous Jurassic Coast by kayak.

Join us for a two-day bushcraft expedition exploring the wilder shores of Poole harbour. Foraging for food along the shoreline and stopping to bivouack overnight on the shores of the harbour. With almost 100 miles of shoreline – much of it remote and uninhabited Poole Harbour is the ideal place for capturing the backwoods spirit in Dorset.

Dorset’s Purbeck coastline provides miles of  rocky cliffs and sheltered bays to explore by kayak. With world class wildlife sites in, on and above the water, the experience of kayaking along the Purbeck coast is truly unique. On the bushcraft expedition we will fish and forage for food along the shore and bivouack overnight on the beach next to a drift wood fire.

Detail of What You Will Learn with your bushcraft tuition:Bushcraft tuition dorset

  • Packing canoes/kayaks for travelling
  • Campcraft
  • Coastal foraging
  • Food preparation
  • Coastal bushcraft techniques
  • Bivouacking

Our our fully trained and experienced instructors will be on hand to help, instruct and support you on the expedition.

Remember…anyone can be uncomfortable! 

Although these activities are meant to be challenging, they are also designed to be fun and exciting.

All the Other Details …

Equipment – You are welcome to use your own equipment subject to approval by our instructors. However Harbour Challenge can supply boats, tents and bivouacking equipment as neccessary.

Food – We will be aiming to forage as much wild food as possible but we will have back up supplies just in case!Bushcraft Expedition

Previous experience- Some experience of bushcraft activities and paddling is helpful. Our instructors are able to assess abilities and recomend suitable training if required. Harbour Challenge is able to provide training in canoeing, kayaking and bushcraft skills.

Course Length: 2 days

Cost: £140 per person   Adult Membership

These activities may be weather dependent.
If you have an idea for your own bushcraft adventure please contact Harbour Challenge to discuss how we can help.

For more information   info@harbourchallenge.co.uk


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